Conditions for the Award of Certificates

Attendance at Lectures

Regular attendance is compulsory at lectures, practical workshops and in the laboratories. Every student is expected to attain a minimum of 70% attendance at lectures and practicals, Any percentage below this may compel the authority to ask the student to withdraw from the course or from the Polytechnic. Absence on the ground of ill health must be supported by a medical certificate, which must be submitted within seven days of absence.

Unit Course System

The Polytechnic operates a unit course system. This is to ensure the continuous assessment of students and to enable individual student to progress at a rate reasonably adjusted to his/her ability. The system also avoids the repetition of a whole semester or session where only a small number of courses are failed and the Grade Point Average is above 2.0. In such situations the student will only be required to have a "carry over".

Students Credit Hours

A student must register for relevant courses, which may not exceed a maximum of 25 credit hours per semester. Part time students would take lesser number of hours as determined by the 'Directorate of Programmes. To carry more credit hours, the student's Head of Department must approve the excess load. No student shall be allowed to register for higher courses unless he/she has fulfilled the pre-requisite conditions for such courses.

Students Assessment System

The assessment of students shall be divided into two parts:

Continuous Assesment

This shall be made up of student's tests, quizzes, assignments and all practical work, based on relative weights as each department may deem fit, but within a range of 30% to 40% of overall assessment.


he Mid-Semester and End-of-Semester examinations make up the examinations score. The total marks obtainable shall be within the range of 60% to 70% of overall assessment. However, for the purpose of grading the students, both the examination questions and the marks awarded shall be moderated and certified by internal/external moderators who shall not be below the rank of Senior Lecturer.

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