Examination Regulation


There shall not be more than one examination in a semester.

Where a student for genuine reasons could not sit for the examination, he shall be allowed to take the examination at the next available opportunity.

Repeating Course

A student who fails not more than three (3) courses in any examination shall be allowed to re-offer the course (s) when available provided that the total number of credit units offered during the semester does not exceed 30 for full time and 20 units for part-time-students.

A student must register for all outstanding courses available before other courses in the semester.


No student will be allowed to register for a course whose prerequisite he has not taken and passed.


A candidate whose CGPA falls below 2.00 at the end of a particular semester shall be placed on probation.

A student on probation cannot register for more than 18 units for full time and l5 units for part time. If at the end of the semester, the candidate's GPA is below 2.00, such student shall be advised to withdraw.


Any student who has a GPA of 1.00 or below in any semester other than his first semester in the Polytechnic shall be advised to withdraw notwithstanding the provision.

Any student who fails to qualify for a diploma at the end of residency period shall be asked to withdraw.

A student who is absent from all examinations in a semester without an acceptable written document to support his/her absence .shall be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the Polytechnic. However, an appeal against this decision may be entertained within one month after the release of results. Any student whose academic performance compels him/ her to repeat a semester twice would be advised to withdraw from the Polytechnic.


Any student who is withdrawn as a result of poor academic performance shall be entitled to a consideration for re-admission only on approval of a formal application and availability of vacancy, re-admission shall be for a course other than one from which the student was advised to withdraw and no student will be re-admitted into any programme having been advised to withdraw the second time.

Change of Course

Application for change of course must be submitted not later than two weeks before the commencement of a new academic session. Such shall be considered by the Academic Board subject to meeting the entry requirements of the new course, merit and the availability of vacancy.

Deferment of Admission

All requests for deferment of admission within two weeks of registration may be considered subject to payment of difference of prevailing fees on resumption.

Full-Time Students:
Requests for deferment of admission two weeks after matriculation may be considered subject to the forfeiture of the prescribed fees earlier paid and payment of all prevailing prescribed fees tm resumption.

Part-time Students:
Requests for deferment of admission two weeks after matriculation may be considered subject to a refund of 50% of the tuition fees earlier paid. On resumption, the student will pay all prevailing prescribed fees. All requests made during the semester on medical grounds shall be treated on the merit of each case and condition (a) and (b) above shall apply.

Eligibility for Sitting for Examination

In order to be admitted for any examination, a student must have been registered for the course to be examined and must have fulfilled ail Polytechnic- requirements concerning residency fees, other rules and regulations. He also must have fulfilled all requirements regarding attendance at or satisfactory completion of any course-work, practical work, assignments, projects or other matters.

For any student to qualify to sit for an examination in a course in a semester, such a student must have a minimum attendance score of 75%. Any student who falls below this requirement will be prevented from writing the semester examinations by the Department with the approval of the Academic Board.

It shall be the responsibility of each student to know the dates, times and places of the examinations and sit for the examinations, having satisfied the conditions.

Notification of Examination Results

After the Academic Board has approved me examinations results, the Registrar shall notify all students of their results.

All information relating to the semester or diploma results may be withheld from students who have not fulfilled any of the contractual obligations to the Polytechnic, such as the full payment of all relevant fees, the return of all books and equipment on loan etc., or pending investigation on alleged misconduct.

Transcripts may only be issued on request, to institutions of higher education and to institutional sponsors. Such transcripts are issued only after payment of two hundred naira (N200.00) subject to review.

Appeal Against Examination Results

Any student who feels that he has not been fully credited for the examination he had taken can apply for remarking within 14 days after the release of the results. Such an application shall be made to the Registrar, through the Head of Department after the payment of the prescribed non-refundable remarking fee determined by the Academic Board.

Any application for remarking made after 14 days deadline will not be entertained.

The results of the marking shall be presented to the Academic Board for a decision.

In the event or remarking where the new score is within plus or minus 4 marks of the original marks, the original marks shall be upheld

A student who is supposed to withdraw but who applied for remarking shall be allowed provisionally to register for the course other than courses in which he is seeking remarking.

Award of Diploma/Certificates

Award of Diploma Certificates APPROVED by the academic Board shall be sealed with the common seal of the polytechnic and signed by the Registrar and the Rector.

For any gross misconduct, the Interlink Polytechnic, Ijebu - Jesa reserves the right to withdraw, the Certificate from any awardee.

The results of the marking shall be presented to the Academic Board for a decision.

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