Categories of Academic Programmes

Interlink Polytechnic runs academic programmes leading to the award of the National Diploma (ND) subject to the conditions and objectives as laid down by the National Board for Technical Education.

National Diploma Programme(ND)

Goals and Objectives

The main goals and objectives of the National Diploma Programme are to produce graduates who would have acquired a sound foundation for life.-long careers in different spheres of life. The graduates are groomed to become competent technicians whose intellectual accomplishments and mental perspective would prepare them for the needs of the country particularly in filling the middle level manpower requirements of the nation.

The emphasis is to give the student sufficient background knowledge and exposure to practical programmes necessary for them to stand on their own or proceed on higher courses.

The duration for the National Diploma programme shall be a minimum of four semesters (two academic years) and maximum of eight semesters (four academic years).

Certificate Programmes

The Certificate Programmes an? designed to provide courses of instruction to candidates who wish to upgrade their knowledge but could not meet the entry requirements for the ND programmes or who though meeting the requirements, but for reasons of time and other personal considerations cannot pursue a full-time course running into four semesters.

Short Term Programmes

The Institution encourages the development of skills through the mounting of short-term courses, workshops, seminars and other forms of continuous learning techniques for candidates who so desire the training.

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